The Story of Ponet Spirits

Ponet Spirits is devoted to producing artisanal spirits, resolutely modern but respectful of traditional techniques and know-how.
Sourcing the best ingredients, using the right techniques and working with people who master their art is at the heart of the creative process. Ponet Spirits offers a real invitation to curiosity and sharing.

The peculiarity of Ponet Spirits lies in the desire to emphasize tradition and the bond with the origins of the products. Each bottle is inspired and produced according to history and terroir and reveals the ingenuity of the craftsmen and the richness of its aromatic palette.

Thieyy Ponet
Proud founder

Thierry is continuing the Ponet legacy of fine artisan spirits and original character. A bold entrepreneur who’s spent the last years travelling, Thierry is reconnecting with his Ponet family roots, like the Bishop John Ponet and the acclaimed 18th century Ponet distillery in Hasselt to produce beautifully crafted spirits.

Matthieu Chaumont
Passionate associate

Visionary bartender Matthew is owner of Hortense , an acclaimed cocktail bar in the heart of the Sablon in Brussels. He approaches cocktails in the same way a chef approaches gastronomy. Matthieu’s creativity and chemistry in cocktail making put him at the forefront of developing unique and exceptional spirits.

Luc Vanbuggenhoutt
Brand Ambassador

Luc Vanbuggenhout is sharing his passion for exceptional spirits as brand ambassador.