Heritage team

The Story of Ponet Spirits

Ponet Spirits is a collective of Inventors, Explorers, Creators and Artisans with a mission to develop and share seriously superb spirits.

We source natural ingredients and botanicals in many countries and collaborate with Master Distillers to create spirits by combining our recipes with their expertise. The art of blending distinctive spirits from diverse sources is our speciality.

The spark for this project was the desire to revive the Ponet family's tradition of Jenever distillation that started in 1763. It inspired us to develop a range of spirits with the help of craftsmen and experts from all over the world.

The revival began in 2015 with the creation of Bishop’s Gin and continues today with the launch of the Mezcal Telegram.

Thieyy Ponet
Proud founder

Thierry is continuing the Ponet legacy of fine artisan spirits and original character. A bold entrepreneur who’s spent the last years travelling, Thierry is reconnecting with his Ponet family roots, like the Bishop John Ponet and the acclaimed 18th century Ponet distillery in Hasselt to produce beautifully crafted spirits.